Wiltshire clean up…

Here at MrGyro headquarters (think hollowed out volcano (cheap on the heating bills)) we have received literally, one message of complaint about farmers cutting out crop circles. Our rapid response complaints team jumped on this and demanded we issue a response and tell the crop circle world what the boys and girl at MrGyro think of the cereal cleansing.

So far this month we have been taken on a wild ride, a positive smorgasbord of crop circles of which to gorge ourselves on. Sadly though there have been casualties along the way. Though’s who were never designed to be danced in, who will never host group meditations and who just won’t make it to harvest day. Let’s take a look:

Three circles within a 2.2 mile radius of each other.

  • Green Street, near Avebury. 19th June
  • The Avenue, near Yatesbury. 23rd June.
  • Knoll Down, near Beckhampton. 29th June

Tractor cutting the circle in Yatesbury.

All three of the circles have had their circular lives cut short by the farmers who clearly do not appreciate the circular graffiti installation on their land.

But why? Why would the farmer not appreciate the design, the effort, the message, the mysterious origins and the energy that are all part and parcel of a nicely pressed crop circle? Why cut out something so beautiful, something that attracts so much positive interest from so many lovely people?

This is a fairly typical set of questions/statements we hear from crop circle followers when a circle has been cut by the farmer. From the perspective of a crop circle follower/researcher/enthusiast all of these questions and statements seem perfectly reasonable. But what about the farmer?

The farmer spends a great deal of time, working longer hours that anyone at the MrGyro team does (we have to be out of the volcano by five because some bald guy with a cat comes in) preparing the land, sowing the seeds, managing the crop and looks forward to reaping what he/she has sown in the harvest period.

From the farmers perspective some alien has arrived in a chaved up saucer with a massive exhaust and lasered down a massive patch of his crop with no permission and no warning. To compound the problem the circle then fills up with people who want to inspect the lasered artwork to determine what setting the laser beam was on. Imagine the annoyance of the farmer thats finds a circle for the first time and then finding lots of walk marks all over his/her field taking down yet more of their crop.

Now amplify this. Imagine if every year, every single year for ten years it was your farm. Your field. Your work that was damaged by alien graffiti and a thousand footsteps that follow it.

Thats why they cut it. A long and sustained alien invasion in the same localised area has lead to the farmers having no real choice other than to cut out the circles to protect their crop.

Doom and gloom right? Well, no. Not all farmers are at the end of their tether with crop circles. Some farmers are actually quite interested, we know because we have spoken to a fair few in the last few weeks. There are positive stories. Take the Badbury Rings circle in Dorset in 2014. The CGI group approached the farmer and formed a very positive relationship that ended up benefiting the farmer, the circle visitors and the numerous charities that received money from the collection.

Crop Circles 2014, Badbury Rings near Wimborne Minster, Dorset

Crop Circles 2014, Badbury Rings

So the circles can have a positive impact for both the crop circle community and the farming community, but maybe, just maybe its time the aliens shift their focus a little bit. Perhaps be a bit more sympathetic to the farmers around the “typical crop circle area”. Perhaps if the pop up shops, exhibitions and conferences that surround the crop circle circus in Wiltshire were to move out of the area this would go some way to reduce footfall in the farmers fields. Maybe a move towards the Glastonbury area or one of the many other areas of the country?  And if they do move, they don’t need to worry. The tat sellers, investigators, photographers, alien hunters, floating balls of light and professors will all follow.

So please, don’t be angry at the farmers, just try to understand their position.

And if you are in any doubt about the farmers being all bad, have a look at this picture from Italy. You can see the farmer has actually harvested around the circle leaving it intact.


Italian Circle.

This is just our opinion, we may be wrong.

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