The Curtain Lifts


A mysterious tweet received late on a warm spring evening containing a cryptic message “A new crop circle, but where?”

An image, taken from the side of a hill, showing a green army stretching out to the distance waiting to receive its yellow decoration.

Upon closer inspection of the mysterious image we noticed that the green army had sustained losses. Amongst the mighty greens lay some fallen comrades laying in a circular pattern marking the spot

Mysterious Tweet Image

Mysterious Tweet Image

where so many had been prematurely pushed out of life before they could reach the sun.

So we know there is a new circle, but where? Our handler, (thats what we are calling mysterious tweeting man/woman/alien/floating ball of light) didn’t tell us where it was, in fact the handler seemed to taunt us with the question “but where?” It’s ok though, we just tweeted the handler to ask where it was and they sent us the GPS location. Are floating balls of light GPS enabled?

The 10th of April rolled around and it was a nice day. We jumped into the crop circle airship and floated over to the GPS location we had been given and there it was. A ring, two smaller circles and some straight lines. Simple as that. Turns out that the green army wasn’t an army, it was just oilseed rape that hadn’t flowered.  Here are some pictures:-

Crop Circles 2015

Barbury Castle 2015 Crop Circle

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