Spiralling into our world

Spiralling into our world

The first crop circle of June in the UK spiralled into a filed near the village of Sherston near Malmesbury in Wiltshire. An interesting pattern consisting of a central small circle with a spiral radiating outwards.

The circle is quite large almost covering three sets of tractor lines.

2Sherston Crop Circle 2015

Sherston Crop Circle, 2015

The circle presents us with an interesting design and one reminiscent of a design we saw in June 2002. This circle, reported on the 23rd, in West Overton, consisted of a similar centre circle but rather than the one spiral we see in the 2015 circle, it was furnished with two spiral lines radiating from the centre. Another difference between the two are the small circles on the end of the spiral lines in 2002, where as the 2015 circle lines simply stops. The 2002 circle has significantly less spirals that the 2015 design although appears larger than the 2015 circle.

West Overton, 2002

West Overton Crop Circle, 2002

Image copyright Crop Circle Connector

Interestingly the West Overton 2002 design was also repeated, not to the same standard however. In 2013 at Silbury Hill the design reappeared but was much smaller than its 2002 counterpart as you can see from the two images. The design in 2013 covers one set of tractor lines where as the 2002 design covered almost five and the similar Sherston 2015 design covers three.

2013 Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill Crop Circle, 2013

Image copyright Crop Circle Connector

Think back to August 2013, Chalk Pit near Wooton Rivers in Wiltshire, another spiral design. Featuring just one spiral radiating from the centre circle, a very similar design to the 2015 Circle at Sherston. Roughly the same overall size but with fewer spirals and larger spacing between the spirals.

Chalk Pit Crop Circle, 2012

Chalk Pit Crop Circle, 2012

Image copyright Crop Circle Connector

Looking back over the years it is possible to see the spiral design reused and enhanced in various forms most notably at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire July 2011, and Chaddenwick Hill, Mere, Wiltshire,  both remarkably similar spiral designs that were reported on the same day.

Image copyright Crop Circle Connector & MrGyro.co.uk

In summery, we think that the circle in Sherston is a fantastic design and very pleasing to look at. It forms a nice connection to past circles and shows that a simple design can be every bit as effective as a the more complicated designs we often see.

We completed the flight to photograph this circle using multiple aerial platforms. The wind speed was  high so we were able to the use the kite to get some of the aerial stills. Access to the circle was quite easy and we were really lucky that the wind was blowing in the perfect direction for the kite to get over the design.


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