MrGyro crop circle video used by BBC


We had some exciting news about one of our aerial videos.  The BBC asked us if it would be possible to use our aerial video of the Besford crop circle. Of course we said yes go ahead and use it, just remember to credit us.

We watched the Midlands Today programme on June the 25th and about half way through there was a little 30 second report on the Besford crop circle and they had indeed used our footage. There was also a longer report on the evening Midlands Today show (see link below)

Have a watch of the report, it talks about the farmer being unhappy that he has lost money due to the crop damage.  He has a point, it must be quite frustrating to see your hard work flattened.  However, if Banksy were to to “graffiti” someones house it would be seen as art. Should we look at crop circles as art and accept them?  Should there be a scheme to compensate farmers?

BBC news article here

Let us know what you think, comment below.

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