Meet the team.

Team Gyro


We have been filming and photographing all sorts of things for a few years now. Churches, bridges, steam trains, crop circles, National Trust properties, beaches, buildings and so much more. Just look at our Youtube Channel and check out the aerial videos we have produced over the last few years. Or have a browse through our Flickr account to see the photographs we have accumulated over the years.

We have built stuff to0. Tri-copters, quad-copters, time lapse equipment, kites, boats, underwater filming rigs, iPhone/iPad apps, websites, IR cameras, heavy lifting balloons and Adroid apps. Quite a lot of stuff.

One of the most common questions we get emailed is who is MrGyro? Is he one person?

The answer. No. We are a team of five people with various skills ranging from programming to electrical engineering. There’s not much we can’t do.

We do all of these things for fun. Just because we can.

So to save us replying to the many emails (at least one) we have had asking about MrGyro we have created this handy image at the top of this page.


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