Four Circle (Stonehenge)

Any crop circle researcher, enthusiast, photographer or generally interested party can tell you that the circular world is often engulfed by mystery. It seems that as we meander our way through the English summer, enjoying walks through wild flower meadows with views of rolling golden fields aplenty, we are beginning to see a circular story unfold in our landscape.

June 15th, Stoford

June 15th, Stoford

The story begins on June the 15th under the transmitter towers near Stoford in Wiltshire, England. On a warm, overcast and windy morning we are treated to a view of a very alien looking crop formation. It presented us with something out of the ordinary, a new design, a new language and perhaps a new message. Up until this point 2015 had held typical circular formations that we all know and love. But this formation offered something different, a departure from the norm, an unfamiliar design language.

The crop circle world moves so very fast, before you know it, that latest ‘everyone must see’ formation is old news and it lays semi-forgotten waiting for the imminent harvesting that all crop circles know they must face.

Little did we know that this formation had connections, this circle is part of something bigger.

Move forward in time nine days to June the 24th. Another report, another circle. We find this formation in field at Luxenborough, near West Amesbury, a stones through away from the world famous Stonehenge.

 At first sight it is obvious that this formation is connected with the previous formation at Stoford. Similar shapes and patterns in this formation leave the observer under no illusions that it speaks the same language and holds the same message that we were presented with under the transmitter towers of Stoford. When looking at the photographs of the circle you can see its proximity to Stonehenge, less than a mile in fact. This formation was designed to make a impact, to get attention. But the attention of whom and why?

June the 24th, Luxenborough, Near Stonehenge.

June the 24th, Luxenborough, Near Stonehenge.

The weather of the English summer continued to bake the land. The barley crops that were a crisp green colour, standing proudly in the land like natures giant shag pile carpet begin to bow their heads and move into the golden months. Time moves on.

9th of July, Clearbury Ring near Nunton in Wiltshire, England. A formation stretching over four tractor lines. Again this circle is featuring the similar message of the two previous formations in this area. Two circles of similar design is not unheard of course, but this is our third. The Stoford circle that seems so long ago really did have connections and it seems as though its brothers are getting bigger and looking meaner.

This big formation is situated not far from the Giants Chair, a neolithic round barrow and in close company with Clearbury Ring, an Iron age hill fort. The formation features the now familiar crescent arc design with a very sharp and pointy feel about it. We have heard many comments from people describing how the design does not “feel nice” or that it makes them “feel uneasy”. Is it possible that if there is a message, it may not be a friendly one?

3Clearbury ring, Wiltshire 9th of July

Clearbury ring, Wiltshire 9th of July

The message, the design language is now becoming a familiar sight surrounding the Salisbury area. The landscape now features three temporary visitors.  Be they friendly or not the formations show little sign of slowing down and at this point it looks as if they will continue to appear.  The very next day we find that the story had not finished. Another circle awaits.

We are whisked back to Stonehenge, sixteen days after the Luxenborough design was reported. The new circle, this time actually circular, occupies a filed the opposite side of Stonehenge from the previous formation.  But would it hold a similar message to the previous circles? At first glance you could be forgiven for saying that this looks nothing like the previous circles.

Winterbourne Stoke Down, Near Stonehenge. 10th of July

Winterbourne Stoke Down, Near Stonehenge. 10th of July

We caught our first glimpse of the circular masterpiece and we thought it was beautiful. We have little doubt that this jewel, will delight crop circle fans from around the globe with its staggering beauty. A circle with thirteen standing elements surround the centre piece of the formation. The lay of the crop on the outer ring is interesting and features a fascitinating pattern that catches the light as you pan around the circle. But wait, what do we have in the centre?  The familiar crescent arc and similar pointy elements. The story continues…

Where do we go from here? Will this story have a grand finale? So many questions but so few answers. We think that the story has not yet reached it’s ending, what will happen next?

Could this be the work of aliens or some other paranormal force? Could this be the work men with planks of wood and some string?

Some interesting points:

  • 4.4 miles separate the Stoford and West Amesbury (near Stonehenge) circles.
  • 4.4 miles separate the Stoford circle from the spire of Sailsbury Cathedral standing at 404ft tall, the tallest spire in the UK.
  • The Winterboure Stoke Down, (near Stonehenge) crop circle is approximately 250ft in size and sits in a wheat field.
  • The Clearbury Ring crop circle is approximately 400ft in size and sits in a wheat field.

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