Fly FPV to the chalk?


While out walking on what looked like the first summers day of 2015 (although it was the middle of February) we noticed that amongst the rolling brown & green lumps and bumps that surround the All Cannings area of Wiltshire that one of the bumps in distance appeared to have a wound.  The wound presented itself as a glistening white hole clinging to the side of what was otherwise a perfectly green hill. A real eye catcher as far as wounds go.


Feb 2015, an early summers day in Wiltshire

We happend to have with us some of our flying contraptions. More specifically the trusty tricopter & our Team Black Sheep Caipirinha. What a good idea it would be to fire up the Capi & check out the big white hole we thought. We prepared the plane, estimated the distance, setup our goggles and launched strait into the mud.  Oops, its ok, the second launch was much better.

It took less than a minute to track along the pathway that led up to what by now we were calling a chalk quarry. An easy flight, not very far and we had a nice tail wind.  We had a little look with he plane & decided that it would be worth the 1 mile walk up to the quarry to have a fly with the tricopter and test out the panning time lapse egg timer thingy contraption we built a few days earlier.

The journey down for the Capi was as uneventful as the journey up and it wasn’t long until we had landed the Capi & walked up to the quarry. We popped out the tricopter & had a very windy flight, that oh so friendly tail wind that was helpful earlier made the tricopter a bit of a handful but we managed to get some nice shots.

We fired up the egg timer time lapse device & got some nice shots of the clouds moving, packed up and walked back down the hill.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how this video was born…

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