Fantastic Sand Art, Brean Sands, May 2015

Fantastic Sand Art by Julian Richardson

We had the opportunity to photograph another awesome piece of sand art on the 23rd of May 2015. The setting for the art work was the beautiful beach at Brean Sands in Somerset England.

The beach is maintained and managed by the National Trust and is very popular with tourists from the Midlands and surrounding areas.  Towering above the beach is the massive Brean Down. Standing at 318ft tall and extending 1.5 miles into the Bristol channel the hill that divides Western Super Mare and Brean while offering a fantastic view of the beach and artwork below.

We arrived just as Jualian, Mirka, Stuart & Paul were starting to mark out the fantastic piece of art work.  It took around three and half hours from when we arrived for the team to complete the art work. When viewed from above we were not disapointed with the impressive design they had precisely delivered into the sand for our viewing pleasure.


We had intended on flying over the artwork to capture some aerial video, however,  due to insanely high wind we were unable to complete the flight.

Checkout Julian Richardsons website to see more of the artwork.



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