Dress rehearsal?

Just 4.40 miles (as the helicopter fly’s) separates two of this years most popular crop circles.

Separated by very short distance in miles these circles are also separated by a short passage of time.  Just nine days after the strange, alien like Stoford crop circle was exposed we were treated to another strange alien like design a stones through away from the world famous Stonehenge.

Lets have a look at the designs:

Stoford, June 15th

Stoford, June 15th

Stonehenge, June 24th

Stonehenge, June 24th

At first glance we see two interesting looking crop circles that are bound to delight the crop circle enthusiasts that are looking forward to spending a summer wandering the fields of England.  What’s not to like? They are both very alien looking and a separation from the type of designs we have seen so far this year.

But are these circles mysterious? In our opinion, no they’re not.

By far the most common comment we have received about these designs is that they are very “alien looking”. We have had a number of people ask the MrGyro team what the “meaning of the circles could be?” Where did they come from? “Are they real?”

We tend not to wage into the whole theory of how the circles are made.  Occasionally, however,  we do like to dip our humble photographers toe in the pool of the bizarre, mysterious and darn right insane and this is one such occasion where we feel we would like to offer an opinion.

Firstly, if the aliens were able to travel all the way to Southern England and felt inclined to leave us a message in the form of a crop circle, you’d think that they would be able to keep the straight lines of the formation, well, straight. Let’s look at what we are talking about. The Stoford circle, it is very un-even and messy, look for instance along one of the lines below and see how wonky it is:



Now we know what your thinking, even aliens, balls of light, magnetic fields and military lasers could make mistakes. Maybe, but we think there is another explanation.

The elephant in the room

We haven’t mentioned it yet, but come on. These two formations look remarkably similar don’t they? Almost as if they were produced by the same intelligence. Load up the images side by side and see for yourself. Perhaps the formation at Stoford was a practice, a sort of dress rehearsal for the big design? It is also worth noting that both formations were reported to and initially photographed by the same self titled “best crop circle photographer in the world.” Does this mean anything? Maybe, maybe not.

So what does the MrGyro team think? We think that the two designs were produced by men, very talented men with interesting design ideas that translate very well into pleasing crop circles that people enjoy photographing and analysing. We think that these men work very closely with a crop circle photographer with the aim of delivering designs as and when they are required. Sort of like Dominos pizza deliver cheese and pineapple pizzas when I give them a ring and enter my card details.

Do we know this for sure? No. It’s just our opinion.

Our flight at Stonehenge

Our flight at Stonehenge to photograph the the circle was interesting. We had to talk to Boscombe Down air traffic control tower to obtain permission to fly our tricopter. We also had to let the Salisbury dangerous operations centre know that were operating the tricopter in the area.  It was all very easy to arrange, we had to wait about five minutes at the request of air traffic control. This five minute delay ended up costing us £1.98, the cost of the sandwich we purchased from the local Spar shop to snack on while we waited.

Here are some pictures:


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