Crop Circle’s of 2014 Technique


We have seven images for you to view. These images show an aerial view as well as some ground shots taken on the day of filming allowing you to view the parts of a circle you would not normally see in our aerial videos.

It is interesting to see how all of the circles appear to have been created using the same technique as one another. I will not go into to detail, talking about nodes & such, but looking at the pictures yourself you will be able to see the technique is the same.

From the perspective of a “non crop circle researcher” I can not see a reason why all of these formations could not have been created by men & women with an artistic passion, using nothing more than wooden boards & a rope.

However, if you asked me if I could create a crop circle as intricate as some of these, the answer would most certainly be no. But I couldn’t conduct an orchestra either. 

I have included the videos below for easy comparison.


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