Circle Chasing


Wind damage

For the past two years (2014-2015) the team at MrGyro have been chasing #CropCircles all over the UK. We have been photographing and producing shorts films for all of the crop circle enthusiasts, researchers and people with a passing interest to view.

We have produced┬áthis small four minute video to show you how not every report turns out to be a circle. This offers a fascinating behind the scenes look at how the MrGyro team work. Watch as two of the team head out to follow up on a report passed to the MrGyro team by the Crop Circle Connector. The CCC had received information from a member of the public who thought that there was a crop circle in the field behind Oliver’s Castle near Roundway in Wiltshire.

The team jumped in the car and drove down to Wiltshire for a closer inspection. Upon arriving the team soon found an answer to the question that everyone wanted to know. Is there a new circle?

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