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An ocean of red

An ocean of red On a bright summers day on the border of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire we spotted a field that stood out from the mundane fields of grass and wheat that surrounded it....

Team Gyro

Meet the team.

  We have been filming and photographing all sorts of things for a few years now. Churches, bridges, steam trains, crop circles, National Trust properties, beaches, buildings and so much more. Just look at...

Crop Circles 2015

The Curtain Lifts

  A mysterious tweet received late on a warm spring evening containing a cryptic message “A new crop circle, but where?” An image, taken from the side of a hill, showing a green army stretching out to the...

Cutouts at West Kennet

Deja Vu

  Deja Vu?  Today we were told of another crop circle in Wiltshire next to the neolithic tomb we all know and love as West Kennet Long Barrow. We were slightly surprised to hear of another...