An ocean of red

An ocean of red

On a bright summers day on the border of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire we spotted a field that stood out from the mundane fields of grass and wheat that surrounded it.  This field was full of wild flowers of which the most dominant were the bright red poppies.  We quickly decided that this field would look fantastic from the air. We discussed flying over the top of the poppies and then rising up into the blue sky to look over the rolling green fields that lay beneath the white fluffy clouds.

We generally carry one of our flying contraptions around with us and today was no exception. Todays identified flying object, or IFO, would be the tricopter. The gimbal boasting, GoPro carrying, three armed, wooden flying machine with a tendency to get nice smooth footage would be the perfect IFO for what we had in mind.



We nipped up the road to the farm buildings and checked with the farmer that it was ok for us to go into the poppy field. He said we could do what we wanted because he was “going to be cutting the field in the next few days” anyway.

We took off, skimmed the poppies and lifted into the sky. We got some great footage and even some time to take a few nice ground shots. We then made a quick dash to the local Accident & Emergency department because one of the Gyro team found out that he was allergic to the poppy field, or something in it.  He thought the filming and photo taking was swell but decided it was defiantly time to leave the field when he found it hard to breath.

Some of the ground shots are included in the gallery above and the video will be released in November. You can also check out our Flickr and Pinterest pages to see more of our flower photography.  The A&E visit went well and the bloating stopped soon after 😉


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